Underground Service Feed

Both commercial and residential properties can be wired overhead or underground, but an underground service feed is recommended in most cases due to its increased safety.

What Is An Underground Service Feed

When service cables that are connected to a utility pole are run(fed) underground, this is an underground service feed. Essentially, these cables are fed through an underground pipe all the way down and up to a ground-based transformer that then provides power to the property through the breaker box.

Advantages Of An Underground Service Feed

In essence, the fact that these cables are in a pipe underground means that they are shielded from a lot of damage that takes place above the ground, making them a viable option for residential and commercial properties in Houston. This is especially true when we take into account that, as beautiful and vibrant as our city is, we deal with plenty of factors that may cause damage above ground–such as the climate. Some advantages of implementing an underground service feed include:

  • A lack of wires above the ground means they will not succumb to hurricane, wind, and rain storm damage as easily
  • Underground cables will not be damaged by large trucks and other construction equipment
  • Underground wires make the property much more attractive
  • May have an easier time absorbing emergency power loads

Ready To Install An Underground Service Feed?

If you own a commercial or residential property and are considering relying on an underground service feed, please don’t hesitate to contact our expert electricians. We can install a brand new underground service feed built to last, or even offer repairs and maintenance to ensure your new service feed works as it should. As expert Katy electricians with four generations worth of electrical experience, residential and commercial property owners can entrust us to take care of their various electrical wiring needs and do it right the first time–because that’s what our customers deserve.

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