Tripping Breakers

Experiencing tripping breakers in your residential or commercial property? This could suggest that your electrical wiring is damaged and needs to be repaired or replaced, and although it may be incredibly frustrating to experience tripped breakers–which pose a safety risk–rest assured that our Houston master electricians at Aim High Electrical will solve the issue in a timely manner and put measures in place that will keep this from occurring again.

Overloaded Circuit

An overloaded circuit is the main cause for tripping breakers. If you run multiple appliances at once without sufficient dedicated circuits, then this tends to cause a power overload that your current wiring cannot handle, resulting in tripped breakers.

Another reason your electrical system may become overloaded is that your current wiring has aged to the point where it has become compromised and unable to sustain your entire electrical system.

Short Circuiting

A short circuit is a less common cause of tripping breakers, but don’t dismiss it as a harmless cause. In reality, a short circuit is often more severe than an overloaded circuit.

A short circuit occurs when a hot wire and a neutral wire come into contact.

A hot wire carries the electrical current from the power source to the outlet, meaning they are constantly carrying electricity, so when it comes into contact with a neutral wire, this will create a short circuit.

Tripping Breakers Put Your Safety At Risk

Tripping breakers may be annoying, but they are a lot more than that as well. If your breakers keep tripping, it’s because there is a serious problem with your electrical that will not be solved by constantly resetting your breakers. Tripping breakers put you, your family, and your house at risk of:

  • Electrical fires
  • Electrocution
  • Damaged electrical wiring

If you experience tripping breakers, it’s best to contact a skilled electrician that can quickly (and safely) address the root issue and solve it so as to avoid tripping breakers.

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