Emergency Electrician Services

Emergencies, though rare, are not a foreign concept. Although emergencies happen at the worst moment and when you least expect them to, one thing you can do to prepare yourself when it comes to an emergency relating to your electrical wiring is to know who to call. Aim High is proud to be Houston’s go-to emergency electrician for the Greater Houston Area, including Katy.

Electrical Emergencies Our Katy Electrician Can Help With

Although being without power may be considered more of an inconvenience than a true emergency, there are instances in which a true emergency has taken place, such as:

A Burning Scent

A burning smell is a sign not to be taken lightly. Because it can indicate a serious issue that may cause an electrical fire, it is imperative that you contact our master electrician the moment someone notices an inexplicable burning smell. We will make our way to your residential or commercial property in a timely manner, determine the cause of the burning smell, and fix the problem in a timely manner.

Inexplicable Loss Of Power

Although a storm during Houston’s hurricane and tropical storm season would be the likely cause of a sudden loss of power, if skies are clear and you suddenly lose power for an extended period of time, this might be due to an electrical issue that must be addressed immediately. Our Katy emergency electrician is available to inspect your commercial and residential wiring and determine if it has been damaged. Following this, we will make the appropriate repairs to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

Electrical Fire

Everyone’s worst nightmare is a fire occurring on their residential or commercial property, and electrical fires are among the worst. If you experience an electrical fire, immediately call 911. Once they take care of the fire, our Houston emergency electrician will investigate your wiring, determine the root cause, and promptly repair or replace your wiring as needed in order to prevent another fire. Additionally, you can rely on us to regularly inspect and help maintain the integrity of your wiring over time so that you have access to sufficient power and remain safe.

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