Electrical Maintenance Services

Adequate electrical maintenance plays a key role in the safety of your electrical wiring, as well as its lifespan. When you take the time to maintain your electrical wiring over time, it becomes much easier to ensure it works as it ages, but it also gives you a chance to replace it right on time as opposed to when it’s too late and your safety is at risk. When you’re in need of a professional electrician to perform regular electrical maintenance, the master electricians at Aim High are fully prepared to assist!

Professional Electrical Maintenance

High-quality electrical maintenance begins with regular wiring inspections. When inspecting your electrical wiring, our Katy electrician looks for various signs that indicate the state of your wiring, including (but not limited to):

  • Frayed wires
  • Whether or not outlets near wet areas are GFCI
  • If wires are exposed when they shouldn’t be
  • Corrosion
  • How well electrical panels are mounted
  • Examining circuit breakers
  • Evaluating inlets/outlets
  • Determining if any wires are overheating


Maintaining your electrical wiring requires more than just taking a look at it. In fact, our Katy electrician always recommends that residential and commercial property owners are proactive in maintaining the integrity of their electrical wiring. Based on what we determine about the integrity of your wiring during our inspection, we will troubleshoot any issues we come across. This means we will make any tweaks and repairs that are necessary in order to make certain that your wiring works as it should. To troubleshoot your electrical, our Katy electrician may do any of the following (and more):

  • Replace damaged wires
  • Replace wobbling sockets and outlets
  • Replace non-GFCI outlets with GFCI outlets in areas prone to getting wet
  • Update outlets/inlets as needed

Electrical Maintenance Is Effective When You Entrust Aim High’s Master Electricians

Whether you just need well-trained eyes to check your wiring, or if you need some assistance with mild troubleshooting in order to be sure that your wiring will last a little longer before it needs a complete overhaul, Aim High is here for you! Not only will we treat your residential or commercial property with the utmost respect, but we will also hold ourselves accountable to fortify your electrical system and do the job right the first time.

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