Dedicated Circuits

Every residential and commercial property has dedicated circuits. A dedicated circuit is an electrical line that usually feeds into a single appliance. As required by the electrical code, the line is exclusively reserved for that single appliance so as to prevent your electrical system from becoming overloaded. Our Katy electricians can safely install dedicated circuits for your various appliances.

Why Your Property Needs Dedicated Circuits

As mentioned before, without dedicated circuits–or with poorly installed dedicated circuits–your electrical system can become overloaded. An overload may result in:

  • Tripping breakers
  • Blowing fuses
  • Overheated wire insulation
  • Wire insulation deterioration
  • Electrical fires

What Appliances Require A Dedicated Circuit

Since dedicated circuits are an important safety feature in most commercial and residential properties, it’s important to know which appliances should be on a dedicated circuit. It’s also important to be able to tell whether these appliances are, in fact, properly equipped to a dedicated circuit.

Appliances that need dedicated circuits:
  • Electric stoves
  • Electric ovens
  • Refrigerators
  • Freezers
  • Dishwashers
  • Garbage disposals
  • Laundry appliances

Some smaller appliances may also benefit from their own dedicated circuits, but they may or may not be necessary. Be sure to speak to our Houston electrician for recommendations unique to your home and needs.

Dedicated Circuit Replacement And Repair By Aim High Electrical

Dedicated circuits are a great way to encourage your electrical wiring to last longer while also keeping you, your loved ones, and the rest of your home safe. However, over time your wiring might age or become loose due to poor installation, and when that happens, you need a reliable, expert electrician to take care of your electrical by repairing and replacing it as needed. If you’re concerned that your dedicated circuits are failing or that not all of the necessary appliances are connected to a dedicated circuit, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will make our way over to your residential or commercial property, have a look at the wiring, and fix it as needed.

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