Complete Rewiring & Repairs

Whether you own an older home or work with a home builder, modern electrical wiring is essential. Using brand new, updated wiring is far safer and, when installed correctly, it’s built to last.

Rewiring Your Home With Aim High Electrical

The older the property, the older the wiring, and older wiring can be extremely dangerous. As wiring ages, not only does it increase the likelihood of a house fire breaking out, but it also deteriorates and becomes less effective at meeting your modern-day needs. Multiple signs may indicate that your wiring has aged out and that it’s time to rewire your property, including:

Flickering Lights

Your lights may flicker if there is a loose light bulb that needs to be tightened, or an old bulb that needs to be replaced, but if you have made certain that your light bulbs are new and secure, then it’s a good idea to get an electrician to take a look at your wiring. If your lights are flickering, this may indicate that your current wiring is loose and that your home may require a complete rewiring.

Not Enough Power Outlets

As home technology advances and becomes more efficient, more power outlets tend to be necessary. Although home builders will keep modern technology in mind, homes that are decades old were not built to support today’s technology.

Whether you work with a home builder that needs modern wiring expertly installed, or if you own an older home or commercial property and would like to ensure that everyone who walks in and out feels safe, our master electricians would be glad to do the job and contribute to their sense of security.

Frequent Breaker Trips

Breakers are meant to cut off power to certain circuits when they become overloaded. As a safety measure, if you notice that your breakers are tripping quite often, this may be letting you know that you are in need of our residential or commercial rewiring services, as your current wiring cannot support all of your electrical needs.

Odd Odors

If you constantly smell something odd–similar to a burning scent–then this is a key indicator that there is a problem with your electrical wiring. That burning smell usually occurs when the wiring is starting to burn and spark, which spells disastrous fire damage for your residential or commercial property. It is imperative that you have an expert Houston electrician assess the damage and completely rewire your electrical in a timely manner.

Power Outage? No Power in Your Outlets?

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